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What is a Hosted PBX?  Hosted PBX refers to the technology that allows small businesses to have the features  of a sophisticated telephone system, without having to pay for the expensive backend equipment that manages it all.  Instead, the call servers and phone service is provide in the cloud by the hosting company.


Is a Hosted PBX right for my company?  There is no one-size fits all solution in the phone industry.  Since North Florida Communications sells traditional phone systems, SIP Trunking & Hosted PBX solutions, we're able meet the needs of your business.  Some companies will see a benefit from a Hosted PBX, while others will not. 


Are you reselling someone else's Hosted PBX Solution?  Most local companies do not own their own hosted equipment, but are simply reselling a third parties service.  The backend equipment could be located in another part of the country or even in another country.  At North Florida Communications, we own our Hosted PBX equipment.  Our equipment is located in Jacksonville at one of the most secure buildings in the Southeast, insuring quick network access and minimum disruptions.


Do you have cheap phones?  No.  While most Hosted PBX companies offer a large selection $75 phones, we're still of the opinion that you get what you pay for.


What type of Hosted PBX equipment do you offer?  We utilize the same LG IPECS equipment for our Hosted PBX as we do for our traditional VoIP phone systems.  This allows a customer to have a myriad of easy-to-use features, with easy to use training.  It also protects your investment by allowing reuse of your Hosted phones, if you choose to go with a traditional solution.


With most Hosted PBX solutions, I have to configure everything myself.  Is it the same with North Florida Communications?  No, not at all.  We're not an online company that is trying to increase the bottom line by selling to the entire world.  We're a small service business serving only North Florida.  We'll come to your Jacksonville business, set up the phones (and network if needed), do all of the back end programming and show you how to use the phones.


Can we keep our current phone number?  Absolutely!  Your number can be ported to our SIP Service. If you prefer, you can keep your main number with another provider and call-forward it to our service.


What does your Hosted PBX offer that most do not?  While our solution provides the basics like most other Hosted PBX providers, we also can provide simple things like Line Appearance and Paging.  Did you know that the majority of Hosted PBX companies cannot give you a direct line appearance like you're use to with a traditional phone system?  So instead of telling the user next to you, "pick up Line 1", you have to use many more steps to transfer the caller.  Many Hosted PBX providers cannot allow you to page over all of your phones like you're use to with a traditional system.  Since we're an old school service provider, we understand the benefit of these and other features AND we can provide them!


What are some of the advantages of a Hosted PBX?  Small businesses can save money with a hosted solution by not having to purchase the backend equipment (you still need a network and an internet provider).  Some small businesses can save on their monthly cost verses traditional phone service.  Maintenance costs can also be kept at a minimum since you own less equipment.  One of the big advantages of a Hosted PBX is geographical flexibility.  Employees do not have to be in the same office, or even in the same state!


Can mobile phones be used with your service?  Sure!  Callers can be transferred directly to your cell phone.  Users can have their cell phone ring at the same time as their office phone rings so they never have to miss a call.


How do I get more information?  Just call us at (904)562-2100 or fill out this form.